Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes I just can't wait until I'm old and can say really inappropriate stuff in public

So I'm at the dog park with my dogs and it's during the day, so I'm the youngest person there by about 20 years. I'm hanging out with these three ladies, all of whom I would guess to be in their 60s*.

This cute little spaniel-y dog comes up to me and rolls over so I squat down to pet his belly** and one of the ladies leans over to her friend and says:

"his peter is so much bigger than Bear's."

I pretend I didn't hear that because there are some things I don't discuss at the dog park (or anywhere). Like dog junk.

The spaniel's owner says:

"What? His feet?"

The lady says, a little more loudly:

"No, his peter."

I look to the spaniel's owner to see if she's going to be mortified by these women comparing the sizes of dog wangs and she just laughs and says:

"I know, he's got a big dick!"

*I'm terrible at guessing ages, especially of old people, I honestly can't tell the different between a 65-year-old and a 214-year-old. But these ladies were grandma-age, with the grandma-appropriate short hair and cutesy sweatshirts.

** I'm much better at interpreting dog body-language than people language-language

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