Friday, November 11, 2011

Fuck Los Angeles Traffic

Had to drive three hours down to LAX to pick up my stepmom who is visiting for a few days and, in spite of having learned to drive on Southern California roads, I just can't with their traffic and the fact that every single person on the road was either talking on a phone (not hands-free), texting or eating a bowl of cereal (seriously!!!!!)

And add a little rain to that situation (people in California have rain-amnesia, every single time it rains, it's brand new to all of us) and you have a very irritated me.

I'm considering forcing my stepmom to stay out here permanently just so I can avoid making that drive again next Wednesday. The main benefit for her (other than living near enough for me to be able to cook for her all the time)? She wouldn't have to live in Florida anymore.


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