Saturday, December 24, 2011

him: why do we have four pounds of butter in the refrigerator?

me: there's a butter shortage in Norway

him: and?

me: you never know when something like that could happen here and I don't want to end up having to bake something using margarine!

Holidays activate my OCD and I become irrationally afraid of running out of everyday household stuff like toilet paper, cilantro and dog food (and butter, obviously). In the days preceding a holiday, I take inventory of everything in the house and stock up with enough supplies to last for a month... because the world ends if Christmas happens and I don't have enough fabric softener? And even if I did run out, it's not like Walgreen's isn't open and willing to sell me eggs, double-sided tape and pantyhose at 4AM right?

I do the same thing on vacations - no matter how long I'm going to be gone, I cart with me enough shampoo, conditioner, band-aids and tampons to take last the entire city a week and a half.

Basically, look for me on the most boring episode of "Hoarders"


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