Saturday, December 10, 2011

okay, so maybe I need to stop acting like this is a full-time job because I'm doing exactly what I do in an office environment - miraculously find 90 bajillion ways to distract myself from the task at hand.

Also, the main way that this is not like a "real" job? I can't pilfer office supplies and recently had to visit Staples to buy some boxes and bubblewrap. It was seriously all I could do NOT to buy myself a desk calendar (I don't have a desk), ergonomic mousepad (I use a laptop) and tape dispenser shaped like a high heel (no one needs one of those).

Also? I don't really have days off and the Christmas party is going to be a pretty lonely affair.

On the plus side, though? Most days I don't have to change out of my pajamas, I can go days without showering (although I don't know if that's really much of a "plus side" to anyone who isn't as gross as I am) and no one complains that I'm watching a Burn Notice marathon while working.


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