Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2 things

1) an unexpected "bonus" of this whole... situation - my dad passed away in January so this is our first Christmas without him and I knew it was going to be difficult/crappy/awful, but having my mind occupied by all of this stuff has been amazing for keeping me busy, so... praise Yeezus for that.

2) I won a giveaway from The Painting Chef (who is funny and crazy talented and you should read her blog if you don't already) and yesterday got a box chock full of awesomeness! One thing included in that awesomeness was candied jalapenos... okay, who knew this was a thing? I didn't and omg what a delicious mix of hot and sweet - I used them last night on jalapeno popper grilled cheese* and The Kid's BFF was over for dinner - when I handed him the plate, he seriously spent a full minute smelling the sandwich before declaring that it smelled so good someone should make a candle of the scent... okay, maybe the kid's a little weird, but dammit if he isn't enthusiastic about every single dinner I serve.

*sourdough bread grilled with cheddar cheese on one side, cream cheese on the other side and jalapenos in the middle. OMG YUM.

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