Thursday, January 26, 2012

So the worst part of this whole herniated disc thing?*

I use my feet a lot - Other than walking, I use them for pick up stuff, shut the fridge, close the dishwasher - they're like extra hands for me** and now I'm without the use of one extra hand and it sucks.

Oh, and I'm also freaking the fuck out about having to have back surgery, which, even though it's the least invasive of all the herniation surgeries, it's still fucking back surgery.

*other than being uncomfortable most of the time, being super depressed because my body doesn't work, having to shuffle-limp everywhere, spending a ridiculous amount of time and money in doctors' offices and having to spend my kid's 13th birthday ass up on an operating table, of course

** yes, I'm kind of simian and it kind of grosses out my sister

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