Saturday, January 07, 2012

so... got an inquiry last night from a company whose name is a combination of the words "GROUP" and COUPON" - they wanted to sell my "quirky" embroidery... I explained twice that that my stuff is handmade (I even went in to excruciating "needle and thread" details) and their stuff is mass-produced and discounted (not that there's anything wrong with that, I love me some cheap, mass-produced stuff) - they asked me if I knew of anyone else "manufacturing" embroidery. *sigh*

I politely declined and they told me that if I ever "hire more employees", they'd love to offer me exposure to their 50 million subscribers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm shocked and flattered to even have someone think for a second that my little crafts deserve that kind of an audience, and I know I sound like an ungrateful jerk to make jokes about it, but... well, aside from actually being an ungrateful jerk, is it too much to want people to have the tiniest clue as to what they're trying to solicit?

My other First World Problems of the day include:

  • the whale-watching trip we were supposed to take today was cancelled because the waves were too tall.
  • none of the doctor's offices I've been to for appointments this week have wifi
  • the itty-bitty corticosteroid pills I'm supposed to take 4 times a day, need to be cut in half and, apparently require some kind of special equipment as I've never busted one into less than 25 pieces
  • while I'm mostly out of pain, my foot is still numb and generally functioning at about 35% of what it should be, so things like walking and putting on pants take me about 75 times longer (my MRI showed a herniated disk, so I get to see a neurologist about it next week)


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