Saturday, February 11, 2012

my duvet cover is off-white with bunch of colored circles on it (cooler than that sounds, okay>)

Lately,when I stumble into the bedroom under the effects of Ambien (and whichever pain medication I had taken last) and I can tell from the doorway that the duvet is moving.

Not just moving, but moving, undulating like there were a litter of piglets under the covers having a dance fight.

And every time I see this teenage mutant ninja piglet underground dance, I can't decide if it's freaky or kind of cool (seriously, the other night I spent twenty minutes insanely focused on watching the patterns move, I couldn't look away, no matter how completely tired I was) (it is pretty cool, it's like one of those trippy Disney cartoons from the 60s... and since when do I say "trippy"? geez)

I sort of wish I could download an app for my iPod that would allow me to record all the freaky stuff I see when I take Ambien.

Also, it would be cool if something could record my ambien dreams, too, because I've been a small business owner in every single one of those dreams lately and maybe I could find a real career...

Speaking of Ambien, it's settling in so I should probably get back to see the 11:26 showing of the hypnotizing duvet cover dance....

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