Thursday, May 24, 2012

so... this has been a week, hasn't it?

In addition to the whole moving thing, I had to break up with both my psychiatrist* yesterday and my dental hygienist** today.

Starting today at the dentist, I figured that there was no where to go but up, right? I mean, provided I don't run over a dog or get explosive diarrhea on the way home, the rest of the day won't be worse than having that stupid vacuum thing sucking up my tongue for half an hour.

Then I come home to find that some of my work was featured on Regretsy. If you're not familiar with Regretsy, it's a snark site where they make fun of awful things that people sell on Etsy. They do occasionally feature stuff that doesn't suck and I'll admit that I was holding my breath and preparing to piece together my fragile self-esteem when I clicked the link.

Turns out that they liked them. That's probably good since I'm already stressy and I just broke up with my crazy doc, so if the review had been bad, I would have been under a desk right now in a fetal position.

So... yeah, it's another one of those Everything's-coming-up-Milhouse kinds of days. And that... doesn't suck.

* I know that sounds like a traumatic thing, but... I wasn't really all that attached to the dude (he was really the only dude in a 50 mile radius who accepted my insurance, so I didn't have much of a choice.) Although he did load me up with enough prescriptions to last me 3 months, so that was a cool parting gift - the dentist just gave me a new toothbrush and some floss

**had to break up with my dentist, too, but he's a douchey Republican who insists upon country music in the waiting room, so.... no big loss. But the tooth-clean-y lady was really sweet.

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