Monday, December 03, 2012

Dear Every Website in the World,

Listen, if I wanted to "connect with [you] on Facebook" and "let all [my] friends know what [I'm] up to", I'd find you on Facebook. I don't need two pop-ups and a blinking sidebar asking me.*

I don't have my Facebook connected to my blog, my Tumblr, my Twitter, my Instagram or any of the other 90 bajillion social networking websites on which I have accounts. I do that on purpose because I don't necessarily need my uncle in Indiana, that guy I didn't really know in high school and that lady I met once at a party all up in my business**.

Just wanting to dick around on the internet in peace.



*not to mention, at least 58% of the websites I visit/things I search for would either get me unfriended or put on some watch list

**and let's be fucking real. No one needs that. No one needs notifications across fifteen websites that you're watching a tv show or that you're working out. NO ONE FUCKING CARES THAT MUCH ABOUT YOU.


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