Saturday, December 08, 2012

Things mean different things to different people

So when The Kid got on this new basketball league, the league made a big deal about how they're not just a league, they're family!

Okay, fine, I assume that this means that we generally leave each other alone, but once or twice a year we catch up on each others' lives and maybe share a meal.

No, apparently their definition of "family" includes hugs all the time and being all up in each others' business all the time. And did I mention the hugs? Jesus, the hugs. I swear, I'll be at a practice minding my own business, reading or doing embroidery* and wearing headphones (WHICH IS THE INTERNATIONAL SYMBOL FOR "LEAVE ME ALONE") and people want to stop and chat or just give me a hug. JESUS, THE FUCKING HUGS.

I realize that some people have families like the ones in movies where they, you know, talk and show affection AND HUG, but I wish they would realize that some of us were raised by wolves and missed that window of socialization so we're more comfortable with a personal space bubble that is approximately the size of Rhode Island. Like, if I smile and half-wave to acknowledge you from across the gym, that means we're cool, we might even be friends.

I swear, people don't even understand that it's a huge achievement for me to be recently showered and wearing a bra in public.

*and don't even get me started on how many times I've had to explain my embroidery... or Twitter... or Kanye West to people

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