Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last week started out with finding out on Sunday night that the owners of the house we were going to be leasing as of Tuesday weren't moving out*

This week started out with having to get my precious Siamese kitty put to sleep**.

Next week I can only assume will include a zombie apocalypse or swarm of killer bees.

*almost worse than that was the almost-landlady's response to giving us 36 hours that we were going to be homeless notice was "yeah, well, what're ya gonna do?" - no, bitch, it's not like we ordered Coke at a restaurant and they only had Pepsi. You gave us less than 2 days notice that we had no place to live. (Fortunately, the Dude managed to procure another house that we are now moved into)

** a couple months ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and, after a few good weeks, he started going downhill FAST and we had to do what was best for him even if we selfishly wanted to keep him with us forever.

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