Saturday, April 20, 2013

I should just accept that I'm never going to be cool

So I got invited to be in another art show thing (you know because I'm an artist and all, I have business cards and everything) at a brand new gallery, I made some pieces and sent them off (because that's how it works) and the show opened today and it was local(ish) so I went.

The bad (for me) thing about shows is that people are looking at my stuff right in front of me. I mean, I know that I make art and post pictures of it and I'm assuming that people are seeing those pictures, but that's different than someone seeing my stuff in front of me.

It's probably got something to do with how I'm super duper critical of my own work and if I have a chance, I'll point out every single flaw in everything I've ever made. I will actively try to talk someone out of trying to like something of mine.

But some of my artist friends were there (that's also how art shows work, it's a clusterfuck of artists sending in their pieces), and it's always good to see people I know (so I can avoid talking to new people) and I happen to like art stuff, too, so I was kind of excited (and nervous and barfy).

Some of my art friends and I happened to be hanging out in the room where our art was being displayed and there were some people looking at said art. They made a comment on one of my pieces and one of my art friends pointed out to the people that I was the artist - they were very nice and complimentary, but I kind of felt douchey for hanging out by my art.

A couple of minutes later, the curator lady comes to tell me that the lady had decided to buy one of my pieces. I hugged her and insisted on having my picture taken with her because I'm a total dork. Then I found out her name and found her Twitter and found out that she's some kind of a professor at one of the film school university places around here.

And then it turned out that not only was it my first piece of the night to sell, it was the first piece of the show and of the gallery. So, yeah, that happened.

(the one that sold is the Poltergeist piece in the middle. The Gremlins piece below it is mine, too. The bra piece belongs to one of my arty friends and the science piece down and to the right belongs to one of my other arty friends)

And if you want to check out the exhibit, it's going to be going on until May 18th and you can read more about it here.


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