Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Note to self -

If you have been sick for so long that you can't remember a time when your lungs weren't filled with phlegm*, do yourself a favor and refrain from googling the symptoms of SARS or reading CDC articles about some new Coronavirus that has killed people. Because you've pretty much got all those symptoms. All of them.

Also, instead of trying to slog through hippie websites looking for natural cough remedies that include shit like slippery elm bark (oh, sure, let me check my spice cabinet, it's right next to the eye of newt) or red onions and brown sugar, just break down and get some freaking robitussin.

Although, having a voice that sounds like a trash compactor is a great reason to avoid talking on the phone, and vigorous coughing is quite the ab workout. So... silver lining!

*okay, it's been a week, but in "sick time", that's like forever.


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