Friday, February 01, 2013

I'm pretty sure he's surprised when he comes home every day and I haven't burned down the place

him: um... why is there water all over this half of the kitchen ceiling?

me: ...

him: and the front of the cabinets?

me: ...

him: and... inside the cabinet?

me: there was... an altercation

him: what?

me: I was doing the dishes...

him: ... yeah...?

me: and I was using the sprayer thing on the faucet because it gets stuff off of pans...

him: ... yeah...?

me: and the sprayer thing got away from me and attacked me.

him: ...

me: it jumped out of my hand and wiggled all around and sprayed all over me, then all over that end of the kitchen before I could turn it off. I used dish towels to dry what I could reach and I figured the rest would just dry by itself. Before you got home from work.

him: you weren't even going to tell me were you?

me: I was accosted by a sink sprayer, why would I tell anyone that?

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  • This would SO happen to me. I almost never use the sprayer, and I still manage to make a giant splashy mess every time I do dishes.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 4:03 PM  

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