Saturday, January 26, 2013

During the 5 hours between basketball games today...

We went out for lunch (because... food) and in the booth behind us was a middle-school-age girl eating lunch with her grandfather and explaining the Hunger Games to him


She's dropping book titles, movie release dates, character names, character backstories. This girl has an encyclopaedic knowledge of this stuff (which, let's be real, is way better than her prattling on about one of those prepubescent floppy-haired singer boys that all the kids are into right now)

And he was reacting like you'd expect a 70+ year old dude to react to being schooled on the Hunger Games. That girl might have well been speaking one of those native Alaskan dialects that only two people in the world have ever even heard.He was trying, he really was, listening intently, he even suggested that she take up archery at school because they had that when he was in school. (he kind of reminded me of my dad)

It was simultaneously adorable and awkward

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