Wednesday, January 09, 2013

One of my titles on my newest business cards is "Kind of a Jackass"

[scene: the middle of a stupid argument]

me: you started this when I came home and you were mad...

him: I wasn't mad, I was upset

me: really? really? Oh, okay, be right back, I guess I'm going to need my thesaurus in order to continue this.

[later in the same argument]

him: you were the one who shouted...

me: Excuse you, I didn't shout. I spoke loudly.

**Bonus jackassery from later that night when I was at my kid's basketball practice - I'm stitching and I've got my earphones in.

Some mom I've seen a couple of times before but never spoken to ambles up to me and says:

"So I heard you're a pretty good artist?"

Like, I don't even know what to say to that - am I supposed to be all Kanye and say "You heard wrong, I'm a great artist", or am I supposed to give a typical answer I'd give like "oh, no, not really, I guess someone lied to you".

I just went with "Um... sometimes, I guess, maybe."

And she accepted that and walked away after promising to check out my stuff some time. (Seeing as she's one of the Coach-purse toting moms who drives a Mercedes or Lexus, I'm not too worried that she was ever going to be a customer... besides, it probably would have taken me too long to explain Twitter and Kanye and the fact that embroidery can actually be cool sometimes)


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  • how come us ladies are so bad at talking to each other sometimes? i sound like an ass so frequently that i actually did get business cards made that say "liberal politics, bad advice, rude conversation." for reals.

    By Blogger that girl, at 3:18 PM  

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