Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Cordial Blueberry

Moments after the clock struck midnight, I found myself in my kitchen staring at a box of cordial blueberries (they're like those candies that have a cherry and some slime inside of a chocolate shell - except these have blueberries.)

The first food I ate of 2013 was a cordial blueberry. I thought that sounded like a formal way to bring in the new year, with cordial fruit - I just imagine these berries bowing to each other and being really great hosts when you go to their house,

fuuuuuuck, this post was way more interesting in my head... of course, Ambien makes lots of things seem more interesting in my head.

Cordial Blueberry sounds like a color of slutty velvet panties from some weird store at the mall.

I don't even know where this was going. I should probably get to bed,

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