Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To quote the great philosopher Ice Cube, Today Was A Good Day

I got a request to do an interview for a new women's art magazine.

There was hardly any traffic on the usually sucktacular drive to take The Kid to practice.

I got facebook blocked by someone I didn't really want on my friend list in the first place*.

I found $20 in the bottom of my purse.

*She's the mom of one of the kids on The Kid's basketball team and I only accepted her friend request to be nice. This weekend her kid behaved like a diva at a tournament and was a complete douche to my kid. I took my concerns to the coach and league owner. She posted some passive aggressive facebook post about bad parenting and how people need to just tell their kids to "man up". I took the high road and didn't comment, then later that night I happened to post something on FB (which, if we're FB friends, you know this is pretty rare). Shortly thereafter - poof - blocked. Not even unfriended, just blocked. I'm guessing she forgot I was on her f-list, then felt like an ass. I'm totally going to miss her influx of poorly spelled and punctuation-free prayer requests and posts about Bubble Mob Farm Land games.

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