Thursday, March 31, 2005

I don't see why you don't just chuck it all and start your own think tank*

So... yesterday, I realized that Easter had passed and I hadn't purchased any Peeps - no wonder I haven't been sleeping well lately - So I remedied the situation (and bought twice as many because they were on sale) and I'm a nice coworker so I brought a couple of packages in to share, but did the following conversation really really need to occur in my cubible:

Spaztaffic coworker: Hey, I'm goin' to Starbucks tomorrow morning, do you want anything?

Me: I don't think that far ahead, but... thanks

SC: Ooooh, you have those Peeps things...

Me (10 seconds into the conversation wishing that she were out of my cube already): yeah... you can have some if you want

SC: Oh, I don't know... I have to see how many Weight Watcher points they are... oooh, they're fat free... look, it says right here on the side...

Me (ready to crawl under my desk and look for a happy place): ...

SC: Okay, maybe just one... [devours one yellow rabbit] you know, I don't see what the big deal is with these - did you know that they're just some kind of marshmallow dipped in some kind of sugar?

Me(wondering if there's a person on the planet who DOESN'T know that):...

SC (hitting me on the arm): No, really, that's all they are, did you know that?

Me: Yeah, I think, uh, I may have... you know... heard that somewhere... Oooh, I gotta go... somewhere

*my eternal devotion to anyone who can name the cheese-tacular 90's movie from whence this line came - no one's going to get it

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