Saturday, April 23, 2005

Using the power of the internet for good, not evil

Tired of all the slang that the kids are using these days? Me, too - why don't we all band together and bring back some cool old fashioned words. My favorite blog crush, The Cos, and I have decided to bring back "tarnation" - think about it - you could use it in many instances in place of "fuck" - instead of "what the fuck?" you could say "what in tarnation?" - instead of "double you tee eff" you could use "double you eye tee"... okay, that's probably the only instance you could use "tarnation" instead of "fuck", because, let's face it, as cool as "tarnation" is, it just doesn't make a good verb.

Let's also bring back "polecat" - because that's just a great insult - and "fella" and "gal" and "tom foolery"

I think with some ingenuity and a healthy amount of irony, we could integrate these into the everyday vocabulary of an unsuspecting American public.


"Did you see that polecat just cut me off? What in tarnation do you think that fella/gal is thinking? What kind of tom foolery is that?"

any others?

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  • How about bringing back 70s and 80s slang? I got a funny feeling, a good funny feeling, when I heard all those words we used to say then. It felt like home. Just check out the I love the 80s, and I love the 70s on VH1. You'll see what I mean. OK, you start it, and it'll get around.

    Spitting in a Wishing Well

    By Blogger Maverick, at 7:32 PM  

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