Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sometimes I feel completely unprepared for this whole "grown up" thing

As a kid, I always assumed that by the time I was old and decrepit like I am now 32, I'd have all the accoutrements of grown up-ed-ness - stuff like matching dinner plates, nice wine glasses, decorative towels, seasonal decorations (for more than just Christmas), a silk flower arrangement of some kind, decent flatware, a side table, a beach blanket, window treatments, a bathrobe, a decreased desire to play video games, an increased desire for manicures and pedicures, and guest soaps.

As it happens, I have none of these things.

Yes, I own a home and a car and have a kid, but there are so many other signs that I am dysfunctional as an adult -

  • I find it perfectly acceptable (an achievement, even) to stay in pajamas all day long.
  • When someone mentions shoe shopping, I think Converse, not Mahnolo Blahnik.
  • I don't own any matching bra/panty sets.
  • I own one pot holder (that I can rarely find).
  • I do not yearn for a Costco membership.
  • I never wear skirts on the weekend.
  • Pigtails are an acceptable hairstyle for work.
  • I carry a pair of fishnets and 7 lip glosses in my purse.
  • I have approximately 4 empty soda bottles and at least 20 cd cases on the passenger side of my car.
  • I can never find scotch tape.
  • The most used drink cups in my house are those big plastic cups that you get 4 for $1.
  • I can never seem to pick up my underwear off of the floor.
  • I run out of toilet paper ocassionally (but never run out of shampoo and conditioner).

I guess maybe I was just waiting to get some kind of notification in the mail that I needed to purchase a Christmas kitten sweatshirt and napkin rings and get on with adulthood.

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  • purchasing a christmas kitten sweater is not a "yoohooo, come with us into adulthood!" its a "here granny granny granny, even though when you were young and snazzy you know you wouldn't be caught dead wearing this, your teenage grandchildren will love it and you MUST buy it for them."

    Don't worry, at 32 you're doing just fine. You're using complete sentences (and that's all the requirement I say is necessary in my world).

    By Blogger Jackass Jenn, at 7:18 PM  

  • It sounds like you are a perfectly acceptable, intelligent, functioning adult.
    Converse shoes Rock, the most used glass in my home is from a fast food resturant. I still wear ponytails to work, I don't have a car, silk flower arrangements, window treatments or any table other than a cocktail table (garage sale purchase), I own more lipgloss than lipstick, and wouldn't be caught dead in any kind of Christmas sweater.
    Enjoy Life!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:19 AM  

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