Monday, July 17, 2006

So... yeah, I actually wrote this post the other day, but decided that since I hadn't submitted anything to my dear friend Sean over at Dark Crazy in just about forever, I'd send it on over to him. Then I remembered that I hadn't written anything halfway decent here in just about forever and, sure, I could have just waited for Sean to post it there and then just tossed a teeny post on here redirecting you, but I kind of just wanted to post something longer than two or three lines... Christ on crutches, I could have just posted this explanation, couldn't I? Oh well, I've already cut and pasted it and I'm way too lazy to go back and delete now. Whatever. You can also go over to Dark Crazy and see some of my old columns there... uh, here - at my column.


It's painfully obvious that America, home of apple pie, baseball and the Grand Old Flag, has begun sliding down the slippery slope of stupidity, dumbing down daily life for the lowest common denominator...

Oh, you don't believe me? Conveniently enough, I happen to have a couple of examples:

How about -

The fast food chains with pictures of food on their menus because of the people who can't be bothered to learn to read a fucking menu (or anything else, for that matter)


The people who kept "Everybody Loves Raymond" on tv for so long


The people who cancelled "Arrested Development"


The fucking president who can't correctly pronounce the word "NUCLEAR"



but it's reached a point where some sanctions need to be imposed on repeat offenders like the entire Wayans clan who are responsible for the "Scary Movie" franchise, "White Chicks", "Little Man" and many, many other low brow horrors numbing the American psyche.

How does a movie like "Little Man" even get made, let along become the #2 movie in the country?

How do the Wayans stroll into a movie studio and pitch "... it's a movie about a criminal who's a midget who dresses up like a baby and people actually believe it... you see, because they're adults with no concept of children... or the human body... or anything like that... sounds hilarious, right?"? Have movie executives (and the moviegoing public) been so numbed by low carb diets and cell phone brain tumors that they believe this passes for entertainment?

Where does it end, America? Where?

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