Friday, June 30, 2006

today was the most shit-tacular day ever - and I'm not being overly dramatic, it was really horrid - and I know that there are much worse things than being picked on all day - stuff like plagues, and famine and wars and genocide and shit, but today made me very very sad. I can only assume that this was the universe's way of making me entirely glad to get out of town.

And so about 9 hours from now, I'll be doing just that -

I'm leaving behind my "mom purse"*, my business casual and my skates (and all the drama that goes with all of those) and I'm packing up a fun little purse, my favorite lip gloss and some well-worn flip flops. 24 hours from now, I'll be lounging in a resort in St. Lucia. Yeah, St, Lucia, I know nothing about it other than that it's an island and they've got rain forests and shit - after today, I'd be glad to be going on vacation in a tent in the middle of the desert**.

But enough about my pity party, let's talk some more about me - did you know that she nominated me for a "perfect post" here? Yeah, she did, which I thought was devastatingly cool. So there ya go.

And my ass (and the rest of me) are getting the hell out of Dodge the extreme South and I'll be sans internet access so you're going to be stuck with this post until next Friday at the earliest, and don't bother checking back, because I'm abso-freaking-lutely not interwebbing from some island in the middle of nowhere.

So there.

Peace out.

* shut up, I can carry a lot of shit in it.

** now I'm being overly dramatic, I don't camp

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