Friday, July 07, 2006

I think this is the longest I've gone without blogging - did you miss me?

Top 10 Vacation Lessons

10. Little kids with English or Irish accents are sofa king adorable.

9. White girls with cornrows just look ridiculous - even on vacation.

8. Fresh pineapple, guava, mango and bananas are really really yummy.

7. If you stay at a "resort", expect to pay three times more for everything.

6. Don't fly into an airport far away from your hotel because after traveling all day, you won't want to go ATVing through the most hilly mountainous roads on the planet in an un-airconditioned Toyota minivan.

5. It should be international law to be greeted with rum punch upon check-in at a hotel.

4. You can get sunburned while snorkeling.

3. In St. Lucia, the "easy 15 minute hike" on the rainforest tour requires the climbing ability of a mountain goat and is not a good idea for girls born with all the grace of Bambi on ice.

2. Air-conditioning is a wonderful thing.

and the most important vacation lesson I brought back -

1. Mosquito netting in hotel rooms is NEVER just decorative.

So, St. Lucia is lovely and green and tropical, although maybe a teeny bit too tropical for my taste since the mosquitos find me delicious and my body is now decorated with a braille illustration of every damn constellation in the Milky Way in bites.

Pictures to follow if I get around to it.

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