Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, the prozac didn't seem to be working for me, even after having my dosage doubled it did nothing but make me vacillate between sad and irritated. A couple weeks ago, my doctor switched me over to Cymbalta (instead of an SSRI, like Vitamin P, it's an SSNRI and bonus letters are always good, right?).

Of course I was excited to get home and check out the possible side effects, which were the usual stuff with the addition of "vivid nightmares" - which, COOL! I'm so sick of those sepia-toned nightmares I usually have, you know?

So I started taking it and, aside from making me insanely tired if I take it during the day, I haven't noticed too many side effects (I haven't noticed all that many benefits either, but... whatever), but within the last couple of days, I've noticed some changes in my dreams.

They're not vivid nightmares, though, they're actually the most boring dreams imaginable. I have dreams about stuff like watching tv, doing the dishes, cooking dinner and texting people. These dreams are seriously so mundane that sometimes I have a hard time remembering if it was something that had actually happened or not. Last night, for instance, I dreamed that I'd spent all kinds of time cleaning up the spare bedroom (aka: the room where we put all the shit we have nowhere else to put) and it was actually organized and tidy and not scary.

Imagine my dismay when I woke up this morning and found this...

Stupid dream.

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