Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Who can fuck up a boxed cake mix?

Me, that's who.

Me, the girl who is capable of making 10 different flavors of cheesecake without a recipe. The girl who makes her own damn cheese. The girl who can make any kind of bread you've ever imagined. I fucked up a damn cake.

Don't believe me? Check it -

Yeah, so it wouldn't come out of the pan in one piece and I had to glue it together with the frosting - then I was worried about not having enough frosting, so I mixed up some Dream Whip and whipped it into the store-bought frosting. Clearly, this turned out well.

Fine, whatever, it's kind of like pizza, right? Even when it's bad it's good, right?

One other thing at which I fail? Sleeping.

Yep, sleeping.

A while ago, I went to the doctor and he decided he wanted me to take a sleep test - and apparently, I failed because I've been referred to a "sleep specialist". What, praytell, does a "sleep specialist" do? Will he come over every night, make me warm milk and tell me fairy tales until I fall asleep?

Maybe next week I can get referred to a "walking specialist".

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  • That's fucking awesome chick! I never read anybodies blog that quite as AWESOMELY written like mine!! :) At least you can make all that other shit, all I can do is make BOXED cake bitch!!!

    By Blogger Cupcake, at 10:38 PM  

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