Thursday, May 13, 2010


My new dentist announced, halfway through my examination, that, no matter what anyone else says, I do not have a big mouth*. He even offered to write me a note stating this if I wanted proof.

unrelated detail - after cleaning my keyboard yesterday, my "y" key and my "6" key are no longer functional. 

The fuck is that about? 

Do you have any idea what a HUGE pain in the ass (arse) it is to have to keep a "y" on the clipboard for pasting into everything? Do you have any idea how many times one uses the letter "y" in a typical paragraph/IM conversation/email? A LOT, that's how many times. And I'm a pretty quick typer (is that even a word), so it's sofa king annoying to either have to remember to stop and "apple key" + "v" while I'm trying to get a thought out. I'm seriously considering a moratorium on IM conversations until I get a new keyboard


*granted, he did have both hands and about 17 dental instruments shoved in my piehole at that moment

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