Sunday, May 09, 2010

Being unemployed is kind of like being at summer camp - arts and crafts during the day, staying up late telling ghost stories, crappy food, sing-a-longs, serial killer lurking outside the window...

okay, maybe it's not really anything like summer camp, but I do seem to spend an awful lot of time on the arts and craft portion of my day - whether it's writing, experimenting in the kitchen, painting, doing doll stuff, taking pictures or, my newest obsession, embroidery.

I know, I know, embroidery is the crap your grandma does on handkerchiefs and pillowcases, right? But it's not just for senior citizens anymore. After seeing all the amazing stuff that local girl, Shannon, does (seriously, check out her etsy) I thought I would give it a shot - of course, I couldn't start with something easy like a tea towel, I decided to jump right in and customize a plain purse I got a while back - this turned problematic since you have to iron on the design prior to the embroidery and the purse was a bit too dark to see it, so I sort of had to freehand the design (and I'm not so good with the drawing)

In any case, this is what happened:

Yeah, it's a frog - I don't know, frogs are kind of cool and I thought the frog pattern was kind of cool - the pattern thing was different frogs for every day of the week and I was born on a Tuesday, so... there.

The point of this story is... I don't know - I have too much spare time. And now I have a frog purse. And a blister on my thumb.


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  • Is this your first time??! LOLZ

    You did a fantastic job!! You've done me proud. :D

    By Blogger Giggly, at 3:06 PM  

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