Thursday, May 06, 2010

You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder?

It's so true -

I spent half the day* yesterday cleaning my house - not just tidying, real cleaning - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser-ing, scrubbing, cleaning the baseboards, vacuuming cobwebs, moving small appliances and cleaning underneath, dusting the DVDs, burning scented tealights - and you know what I found out?

I like my house so much better when it's clean.

Quite the revelation, right?

I wonder how much other stuff I would miss if I took a hiatus from it - I definitely missed shampoo when I stopped using it. I missed coffee when I stopped drinking it for two weeks last year. I missed eating meat when I was a vegetarian. I miss sweaters in the summer time.

But then there's some stuff I like, but don't really notice when its gone - like the smell of bubble bath or barbecued hot dogs or fresh apricots.

How would I feel if I turned off my cell phone? Or disconnected from the internet? Or put away my precious iBook? Or ran away and joined the circus?

*gross exaggeration

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