Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've lived in this area for a bit over a year and every single day, I'm still amazed by what a beautiful place it is - and it really is - it's a gorgeous valley, filled with flowers and mountain views and stretches of open land that you wouldn't imagine exist in Southern California.

Because I'm attempting to do that picture-a-day blog thing, sometimes, I have to get out and see a bit more of this lovely place.

Today, I drove out to Pirate's Cove, which is in Avila Beach, about 20 minutes from here - half of it is a n00d beach and the other half is the most beautiful and deserted place you can imagine - all dramatic cliffs, waves, rocks, seagulls, seals and plants.

Being the practically Amish generally modest girl that I am, of course, I stuck to the non-n00d portion of the area* and it was just a spectacular as I recall - stupidly peaceful, minutes from the city, you can't hear anything but the waves crashing and the seagulls seagull-ing... if it hadn't been positively arctic, I could have stayed there forever.

oh, and apropos of nothing, gratuitous boob shot in one of my new t-shirts

*because it's a well-known nekkid beach, it's also known for having lots of... voyeurs (apparently, every year there is at least one story of a skeeve with binoculars falling off of a cliff because he's trying to check out the n00dists). Other than my precious Honda Element, every car in the parking area contained a slouched down, single guy, staring hopefully at every other car driving up in case it was a girl going to the nudie area - aside from the fact that it was super cold and windy and no one was going to be flashing their bits in that weather, have these guys never heard of the internet? Boobs-ahoy all from the comfort of your own laptop!

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