Sunday, May 23, 2010

hey, remember how I was all SQUEEEEEEEE about last weekend?

All happy and sighing for no reason?

This weekend more than made up for it.



Like, made up for it plus bonus gifts with purchase.

I spent Saturday night at the Mormon compound writing sins on rocks in permanent marker.* & **

The rest of the details are... inconsequential, but let me just say that the fucking cherry on top of the ass (arse) sundae? Someone (not me) knocking a full glass of water onto my precious iBook and its brand new keyboard last night. (am currently stuck on my old busted laptop with its old busted keyboard, which is now The Kid's laptop that he rarely uses).

And, holy Christ on a pogo stick, this shit ain't over yet. If you don't hear from me within a day or so, it means that I fell off of a cliff or got eaten by a shark or got shoved into a woodchipper.

* It was for some Sunday school lesson the Mormon Avocado Farmer's Wife is teaching the kids at church - she couldn't think up enough sins, so she enlisted my help (right person for the job, no?) - and she even likes me enough to not take umbrage at my more specific suggestions like "killing a hooker and burying her in the backyard" and "drugging people to steal their organs and sell them on Craigslist" - she thought it was more appropriate to stick with stuff like "bad thoughts" and "stealing". Some people have no vision.

** The Mormon compound is about half an hour outside of town and the views are... insane - observe:
that's the view from the driveway - shut up, right?

and this is their puppy, LeBron -

tell me you don't want to eat those floppy ears!


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