Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Vegas, day 3

The Kid (upon unsuccessfully trying to find something in a souvenir shop personalized with his name): NOTHING! Again

Me: Really? That's so weird, considering you've looked in about 75 million other shops and weren't able to find your name.

The Kid: But they have Jorge and Pedro! And Reenie!

Me: Reenie? That's kind of random.

The Kid: Yeah, R-E-N-E-E! Like anyone's ever heard of that name!

Me: Dude, that's Renee, it's a pretty common name

The Kid: Whatever, thanks for giving me such a random name

Me: That should be the least of your issues with me

The Kid: Yeah, I know

and just for fun, the most random artwork of the day - tell me you don't want this hanging over your couch.


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