Saturday, August 07, 2010

So, because my dog is an only dog now, I've been taking him to the dog park a lot lately, which features a whole cast of weirdos in itself (like the toothless guy who brings 5 dogs and yells at them the whole time, the guy with the 3 fluffy white dogs who won't shut up about his grooming regimen, and the hot-ish older guy whose dogs my dog loves) but I've recently decided that people who don't like dogs (barring some legitimately traumatic experience or serious allergy issue) aren't to be trusted.

 I almost sort of prefer cats, just because (specifically) my cat is the coolest life form on the planet and (in general) they always don't require as much attention as dogs (and when I'm having one of my unable-to-deal-with-anyone-or-anything days, the cat's needs can all be addressed in the house, but the dog needs to go out to pee, or go for a walk or whatever), but I still adore dogs in all their slobbery, bark-y, wagginess - how could you not?

What kind of a person doesn't like an animal that will nearly pee itself with joy just because you walked in the door?

An evil person. That's who.

seriously, if you can look at that face and your heart doesn't squish a bit? You're clearly a robot. An eeeeeevil robot.


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