Friday, August 06, 2010

You guys, we need to set aside our petty differences and come together IMMEDIATELY

Because the zombie apocalypse has begun. With an undead baby.

MEXICO CITY -- A newborn girl declared dead by doctors in Mexico surprised mourners when she came back to life inside her coffin.

state Attorney General Jose Rodriguez says the parents heard a strange noise coming from the casket during the baby's wake.

When they opened the coffin, they found the infant crying and very much alive.

The baby was born prematurely on Monday and was pronounced dead by a doctor at a hospital in the town of
Tulancingo. The doctor is now being investigated for possible negligence, Rodriguez said.

The baby is in stable condition at a different hospital.

The doctor is being investigated for POSSIBLE negligence. Possible? Really? Like being able to tell the difference between someone who is alive and someone who is dead isn't something you maybe learn on day one of medical school?


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