Thursday, July 29, 2010

What the hair?

As I've probably whined mentioned fifteen million times, I've been going through one of those troublesome periods of hair identity where I want to shave my head or go platinum (even though I'm pretty confident I look best with long-ish, dark brown hair and I would probably be completely miserable if I did either of those things).

Last night, The Kid and I saw a commercial for the new iPhone (I'd find it on YouTube, but I'm not giving ad space to Apple unless they wanted to hand over some of their product *iPod Touch, please*) wherein some girl debuts her new super short hairstyle to her boyfriend via video chat. The commercial girl looks really cute with her short hair because she's clearly some kind of pixy, no way I could pull off a boy cut like that because I'm not the least bit elven. And I'm worried I'd get stuck with one of those horrible super-short-in-back-longer-in-front cuts that every reality show mom has.

Me: What if I cut my hair short? Not that short, probably, but shorter, or shortish

The Kid (making a face like I've just offered him a big bowl of broccoli and chocolate custard): If you did, I'd suggest you move into a hotel until it grows out. Or I'd let you borrow one of my hats... But not my Lakers championship hat.


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