Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes the misheard song lyrics we do hear say a lot about us

but sometimes they don't.

For instance:

1) on one of The Kid's video games, I heard the Matt and Kim song, "Daylight". That song has been out for a while and I've heard it several times and I sort of like it, it's bouncy and such, but I had no idea who sang it. So I googled what I thought was the first line of the song -

"We cut the legs off of our friends"

This is the line I've heard every time I've heard the song and I never once questioned it.

Turns out the actual line is:

"We cut the legs off of our pants"

When I finally figured that out, I was like "... oh" because it kind of made less sense.

2) Every single time I hear the stalker's national anthem "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, I hear-

"I'm a pool hall of apes"

when I should be hearing:

"how my poor heart aches"

And I never once questioned why Sting was talking about billiard-playing simians.


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