Friday, December 31, 2010

So, sometime this summer, The Kid went to a basketball camp put on by the coach of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and, due to his mad skillz, he won the "camper of the week" award - in addition to a certificate and a t-shirt, he also won tickets to a college game that happened yesterday.

Even though Cal Poly got spanked by Long Beach, The Kid had a blast, he got to hang out with the team before the game, got to participate in the introductions of the team and got to do some shooting contest at halftime wherein he won a coupon for a free pizza*.

I had fun, too, but most of that was for completely visual reasons. No, not the ten, tall, strapping, young sweaty men racing up and down the court... okay, not totally them. Actually, my favorite part of sporting events happens on the sidelines -

it's being able to see eye candy like this in person. Would you look at the lens on that thing? Have you ever seen anything sexier? The things I could do with that... sigh.

Also sexy in an I've-been-meaning-to-start-a-diet-tomorrow sort of way? This dip. I made it about five minutes after I found the recipe. And, yes, cholesterol police, there's a whole stick of (delicious, browned) butter in it, but if you eat it with apple slices, it's practically healthy or something**.

*in addition to Monday's free dinner at the Elks Lodge, this makes 2 free meals The Kid has been responsible for this week alone. FINALLY this parenting thing is paying off!

** probably not, but whatev

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