Monday, December 20, 2010

you know what's awesome about having an entire day to yourself?

  • worked on a Dorothy-Parker-quote embroidery thing
  • watched all the "girl shows" that have racked up on the dvr*
  • watched a CSI marathon
  • took the last trip to Target for a long time**
  • bought a roast for Christmas
  • took a two and a half hour nap
  • ate chicken nuggets for dinner
  • made rice pudding***
  • finally wrapped and packaged my mom's birthday presents****
  • sold something out of my etsy shop*****
  • took macro shots of tiny little people
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • considered cleaning the back room of the house
  • decided against cleaning the back room of the house

*including about 10 minutes of "Leap Year" before I had to delete it... I watch every episode of "Married to Rock", but couldn't take an hour and a half of a predictable romantic comedy. What has my life come to?

** did I miss some memo that went out telling everyone that the week before Christmas, they're supposed to be complete dicks? Damn, y'all, it's Christmas... and my dad's doing okay - and even if you don't celebrate Christmas or know my dad, you've got something to celebrate, even if it's just that you get a day off for someone else's holiday.

*** who eats rice pudding? You know what, though, it's delicious

**** her birthday is 2 days after Christmas, I couldn't just send them with her Christmas presents? Also, I might be re-gifting something she gave me a few years ago - it's some tacky little rhinestoned butterfly thing that holds pictures, it couldn't be less my style. She'll never remember anyway.

***** that makes 4 sales all together - w00t - I'm most excited about selling pictures. Mostly because my photography is super important to me

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