Monday, December 06, 2010

The good news is - my hair looks great today - I straightened it and it came out great, it's cute, it's bouncy, the roots aren't even too visible.

The bad news is - I didn't take my cute hair anywhere today... I mean, I went a couple places, but that was when my hair was still a bit damp from the shower and nowhere near as cute as it is right now.

The other good news - when my hair is cute and straightened like this, it means I will wake up with cute sexy hair.

The other bad news - I've got nowhere but the dog park to go tomorrow, so that will be a bust as well.

The other other good news - I just took an ambien and the white kitten is purring on my lap... and as much as that sounds like a dirty code for something, it's not - basically, I sat down and she is laying across my hands like she is a pair of those fingerless mittens that orphans and guys in wheelchairs wear (is that a politically incorrect thing to say?)

The other other bad news - I just sat through "It's Complicated" - I know, I can kinda get a pass on that because Meryl Streep is in it and I'm a girl, so I'm genetically encoded to like her. And I do like her. More than her, though, I do quite like Alec Baldwin - he's totally my swarthy older man crush and I have daydreams of going out to fancy restaurants for late lunches where he would try to teach me how to drink wine and encourage me to wear a pearl necklace (not the dirty kind) and buy me one of those uselessly expensive grown-up purses made from the underbelly of a dead baby something.

in other other news - the holidays are coming up, holidays like Christmas and whatever hippies and people other countries celebrate, so if you're still shopping, you should check out my etsy shop because I have tons and tons and tons (okay, maybe 6 or 7 things) of stuff listed and everything on there would make a great gift for someone you know - so anyway, here's the shameless plug


and another shameless plug, but not nearly as bad because I'm just asking you to be an observer, not a patron.

Go here and look at stuff

remember that? it's my photo-a-day blog - I know, you would have thought I'd given it up by now, but I seem to be keeping it up - shockingly enough.

oh, and since I'm being such a link whore tonight, don't forget about our long-forgotten haiku blog - it has its moments.

Now the kitten is lying on her back with her paws down at her sides like a little furry person - it's super cute and if I thought I could reach the camera from here with my arms made of spaghetti and my legs made of eggplant, I would totally take a picture and post it. But right now, I'm just about as likely to be able to... fuck, I don't know. The ambien is taking away the ends of my sentences.

And now I'm watching that cute little roller derby movie, Whip It and I should probably be getting my retired-from-derby ass to bed, lest I let that derby nostalgia get me looking into joining a new league.... Although, damn, that girl from Juno is so freaking adorable, I want to adopt her and put her on my mantle so I can look at her all the time.

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  • I LOVE Whip It! (And I think back to your derby blog posts whenever I watch it...was gonna say I think of you but that sounded creepy since I don't technically know you except internetly.)

    Also, I love the white kitty photo on your frame a day blog. So cute.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 8:06 AM  

  • I'm trying to be all sad today and you keep making me giggle. Plus, I want to hang out so I can see that hair of yours.

    By Blogger Giggly, at 9:20 AM  

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