Sunday, November 28, 2010

Note to self -

Your landlord is a former olympic athlete.

You are not.

He hikes mountains all over the world.

You do not.

When he suggests a hike to you and says it's "kind of steep", but promises that it's "an easy 15-minute hike", you might want to factor in his fitness level (extremely high) and yours (as of late - similar to that of a foot stool).

Because, as it turns out, his interpretation of "kind of steep" is roughly equal to your interpretation of "vertical".

And neither "easy" nor "15-minute" were anywhere near your vocabulary at any time during it.

And the end of the hike that was supposed to be an "amazing view", was pretty, but there are 90 kajillion places around that are just as pretty or prettier and don't make necessitate an oxygen tank.

Stop listening to your landlord, he's a kook!

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