Monday, November 22, 2010

helpful suggestion

If I get 3 separate emails from 3 different online retailers within one week, advising me that you, someone I don't know, are "inviting" me to "special sales" and I finally email you to politely request that you stop spamming me because I don't know you, the correct response is not to tell me that I "could note the 'unsubscribe' link that comes along with the special mailer, it would eliminate the need for you to get yourself in a twit about things" (especially if you sign all of your emails "Sparkling Thoughts, Linda")

Because I will advise you that:

1) I don't think I should have to unsubscribe from things to which I didn't subscribe
2) I want you to know how annoying it is to get "invitations" under the guise of friendship when I don't even know you.
3) The phrase is "in a snit", not in a twit.
4) Your email font (comic sans) is obnoxious

And in case I haven't been jackasanine enough, I'll end the email with "Sparkle that, Linda"

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