Thursday, November 11, 2010

There are literally no movie rental stores in this city, so I've reluctantly turned to those kiosk things and... I'm hooked.

It's convenient as all hell, you know, since I'm at the grocery store all the time and it's $1 to rent a movie for one day - which is way better than spending $6 or $7 to have the damn thing for a whole week (of which, the movie would generally languish on top of the tv for 6 days, then be watched on the last day).

I get movies all the time - movies I want to see, movies I'm on the fence about, even stuff I would have normally waited for cable for - it's $1, who cares if I'm renting "Death at a Funeral"*. In all that time, I have only really really really regretted two of the movies I've rented.

"Killers" (with Ashton Fucking Kutcher - The Kid suggested it, he said it looked funny)


"Human Centipede" - go ahead and check the wikipedia entry for the synopsis of that one.

One of those two movies I had to turn off after fifteen minutes because it was absolutely stomach-turning-ly terrible. Oddly enough, it wasn't the movie about the crazy German doctor who sewed people's pieholes to other people's cornholes**.

* liked the British version better, but the new one was still funny. Also, there's a dwarf in it and I do have that unholy obsession with little people.

** don't get me wrong, that movie was gross as hell and never should have been made or even thought up, but I watched the whole thing

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