Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving day is like the Super Bowl of Cooking for me - I plan out the meal weeks in advance, deciding on side dishes and when they will be served and which of my vintage Pyrex dishes each one will be served in*.

It's my favorite meal of the year - always has been. Even when I was a vegetarian, I made a whole meal of my favorite side dishes.

I try to do as much of the stuff as I can from scratch - including cranberry apple sauce and Hawaiian sweet rolls, but there are some things it's easier for me to prepare instead of make - like, I'm incapable of making gravy, so I use a packet. And I think boxed stuffing tastes the same as homemade (although I do add onions, celery, apples and bacon). And I use a frozen pie crust for the pie.

This year, though, is noteworthy because this day and pms have come together in a perfect storm of cravings and too much food in the house. I fully expect to be motoring around the grocery store in one of those fat-people scooters by Monday.

It will be so worth it, though - I mean, did I not mention the Hawaiian sweet rolls? From scratch!

*not really, I only have a couple of those, but I'd like to start collecting them so I can have a big old mis-matched set by next Thanksgiving


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