Monday, December 06, 2010

Facebook is weird

The Kid: [some kid] is playing basketball again, he had a game today and did really well

Me: Oh? How do you know?

The Kid: I was talking to his mom on facebook.

Me: You're friends with his mom on facebook? Doesn't [some kid] have a facebook?

The Kid: He's got one, but his mom was online so I was talking to her.

I think it's weird. It's not like I think there's anything untoward or Stacy's Mom going on, I know this woman and her family, we're friendly*, but I'm not even facebook friends with her**, I didn't even know she was on there.

But maybe it's not weird, maybe my child was just lucky enough to miss the socially inept gene that runs rampant through my DNA.


Also, apropos of nothing, can we come to some kind of agreement wherein no one over the age of 16 can use the word "sexting"? Or at least that it has no place in a news story***? Because, really.

*we're not friends, but that's more because because I'm socially handicapped by that grab bag of neuroses I call my personality

** and I don't friend people on there - if someone friends me, I'm cool with it, but I don't go out of my way. Half because I'm weird about that stuff and half because I don't like facebook.

*** this teacher was at the high school that my kid is supposed to go to  (if we happen to live here that long and if he doesn't end up getting a scholarship to the spendy Catholic school across the street)


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