Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do you know what is an absolutely delicious way to start the morning day?

Do you?

Waking up at eleven after one of those super nice dreams that make you feel all warm inside*.**

Of course, it puts a bit of a monkey wrench in my plans to fully utilize another whole day to myself (the hubs and The Kid are at a basketball game in LA), but whatever.

Also, can anyone explain to me how I have 17 books in my "to read" stack because I keep buying books I want to read but I never get around to reading them, but I'm totally coveting those e-reader things? They're so sleek and full of words!

* you know, one of those dreams that you spend all day trying to remember because it was just so... nice?

**alternate answer: cream of wheat with butter, brown sugar and just a touch of vanilla. I get bonus points for starting my day with both.


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