Friday, April 01, 2011

I've finally broken the bacon dessert barrier

I've finally figured out a way to incorporate bacon into dessert.

vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, whipped cream and bits of candied bacon scattered throughout.

(inspired by the bacon sundae that Denny's is offering, except that has maple-flavored syrup on it and... no, Denny's, just no. Maple is for breakfast, caramel or hot fudge are for dessert.) (Also, Denny's is calling this celebration de bacon the Baconalia, which is a play on the word bacchanlia, which refers to drunken Roman orgies, and... while I took Latin for 3 years in high school [and had my fair share of drunken times at Denny's in my younger days] and can appreciate the reference, I'm wondering whether or not the average Denny's customer will get it.)

*this picture is reason # 90 bajillion why I don't think I'll ever have a food blog, a lot of the most delicious food in the world isn't much to look at and is even less impressive in a picture. Also, my kitchen has shitty lighting.


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