Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Juvenile much?

Yes, yes I am.

Etsy has this new thing where you can make coupons for stuff and I always give free shipping to anyone I "know" from online who buys anything in my etsy shop* & ** but I've been doing it the lazy way and just refunding the money, but I finally decided to make a coupon.

You have to make your own code and, of course, the first thing to pop into my head was "boobs" - it's even funnier because the next message I got from etsy was***:

I feel like god. Or a plastic surgeon.

*that was a subtle plug, right? I mean, I didn't say "OMG GO BUY SOME OF MY JUNK" or anything, I just put it out there... Seriously, the point of this wasn't to pimp my stuff again, it was really because... boobs.

** check it out in a day or so because I'm redesigning it (and by "redesigning it" I mean "renaming it and paying the slowest designer in the world for a new banner thing") - **EDIT** check it out now because it's all new and fresh and stuff...

***also, I'm so proud that I FINALLY learned to make a screenshot


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