Sunday, April 17, 2011

what kind of a parent forces her child (who doesn't love scary movies) to spend a Sunday night watching the Scream trilogy?*

The same kind of parent who bets her child he won't take a big drink out of the jar of jalapeno slices for $2***.

And to think I was worried he'd be missing out on something by not having siblings...

*In my defense, we were originally only going to watch the first one, and I thought that Timothy Olyphant** was in it, but he's in the second one, so we had to watch that, too and once you've watched two, you might as well watch the third one, too, right?

**that man is just a stupid amount of hot

*** he totally did!!!! 


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  • He did?!? I bet that was the toughest $2 he will ever earn in his life. Good life lesson in there somewhere, though, I'm sure.

    By Blogger Mugdha, at 11:23 PM  

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