Saturday, April 09, 2011

Last week, after I finished my photo blog, I decided I needed another fun project, so naturally I decided to dye my hair.

For the past few years, my hair has been super dark brown (a color which compliments my alabaster skin and makes my eyes look really green, but it's kind of difficult to keep up and it's hard to find a really good dark brown). Last summer(-ish, I'm not really sure when), I decided to go red, which meant bleaching out the brown and covering it up with red. And red is great, but because my hair is not naturally red, it fades super fast and looks kind of gross when it starts to grow out - so I decided to maybe see if I couldn't maybe venture back towards my natural haircolor (which, of course, I haven't seen since I discovered Sun-In in fifth grade).

In my head, my natural color looks something like this:

(except minus that braid because I've tried to do that but I can't make it work)

but most likely my natural color is closer to that of The Kid

Or maybe a teensy bit darker, either of which would be fine.

So I figured I could just bleach out the red, then cover it with an ash blond and I'd be good to go.

After the initial bleach, my hair was approximately this color

which is fine for flowers, but not so much for me. Oh, and it felt kind of straw-like. So I conditioned it like crazy and then dyed it some "champagne blond" which left it looking like the flower, but just the tiniest bit muted. So I continue to condition the crap out of it and I'll probably dye it again next week, or just use a toner on it*.

And, you know, worst case scenario:

 I could rock the Sinead look. And I've been considering shorter hair** for a while anyway.

*apparently, there's some purple toner you can buy that will tone down brassiness, but it's also possible to use grape Koolaid... guess which one I'm more likely to use first

**I actually love longer hair, but since I don't have an Aniston-esque team of stylists available to tend to my usually-wavy, but sometimes straight-ish locks, I usually just put it up with pins or a ponytail and shorter hair might be fun for a while


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